There’s nothing wrong with being alone, you know. No good to somebody else unless you’re good with being with just you.

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This lady’s deal breaker on this show is a dishwasher because she has a five year old like imagine having a woman from the victorian era hearing this and having like seven kids to take care of jfc.

Paul Newman in Paris Blues (1961)

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im going through the mail in my inbox on one of my email accounts that i havent been on in like over a year

found an email a year ago

someone found the raffles fic i did five years ago and made the same comment as to how amateurish and actually how CHILDISH i sound in the authors notes and use internet speak and how theyre utterly blown away by the story

When I saw the chat speak in the author’s note I did not expect much, but this turned out to be one of the best Raffles fics out there. Wow. I was pleasantly surprised!”

i will always pleasantly surprise u becos i can actually throw out shit off the cuff and it looks good whereas just a minute before it literally looks like i slammed my face on the keyboard.  as a one-off thing i threw an essay together and entered it for a laugh and got third place like i didnt even try whereas a poster i tried hard on didnt place (it was this 9/11 thing i rued my decision they made me read it on the school news uuugh).,

but anyway yeah its a raffles fic i literally did 5 years ago this november i feel so old jesus fucking christ.

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if anyone wants to know how absolutely shitty my life is:

i spend $10 more to have this sherlock holmes game first day delivered

dl everything

click to play

i dont have an “”“”ADVANCED”“”” enough graphics card even tho my comp just came out last year and is p. good no i need one that costs like $200 

so i can either not play the game or buy a graphics card for $200 and who knows WHEN i can buy the card and who knows WHO will have it

and mom told me to just sell the game on ebay and i freaked out and she got mad and said i always flip out

ive just been crying hysterically cos this is literally my luck in EVERYTHING.  want a game?  want a game and wait a year for it?  ok spend extra to ensure you get it in time but LOL UR GRAPHICS CARD ISNT GOOD ENOUGH HAVE FUN SPENDING $200 AND HAVE FUN SEEING THE SPOILERS LIVEBLOGGED AND TWEETED LMAOOO

so yeah i get to stay even more away from the internet hoo fucking ray and instead of playing the game i get to be upset for x amount of days.  sweet action.

Make me choose (by diadem)

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a big stupid idiot crush

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Thank You, Scotland

→ Alan Cumming

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