I’m livetweeting the wedding if anyone’s interested my Twitter is my tumblr URL!!

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The colour they have on the tables is purple and I’m wearing a purple shirt and shoes

Also people are showing up in goddamn blue jeans and tshirts this is lame I’m the most dressed up save my sisters boyfriend
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The game is on:)

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Very fat fuck going to a wedding. For the first time in weeks? It’s 80 (it’s been sixties) and I’m wearing a dress shirt AND vest gr8 AND it’s outside huzzah. :/

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George Harrison. Photographed by Henry Grossman. (1967)

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ive seen people in the lgbtqa/wotever acronym denounce asexuality and ive seen them also say theyre “confused” and once they have sex theyll “figure stuff out” which is hxc lmaooooo.

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Anonymous: "where can we read your work?"

If u ask me, I send you a bit. I used to do lj but [shrugs]

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"But do bring me a snack. Chocolate!"

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