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Could this man be any more adorable. 

He is so genuinely overwhelmed by the response he received and so happy.

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Frederick Chilton Appreciation (2/2) - Clumsy Whelp Edition

Look at that nerd. He’s my delicate little flower. He’s very precious to me. Also he’s alive. The latter being the most important fact right now though.

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Jim? Jim from the hospital?

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some nights i wish that this all would end

cause i could use some friends for a change

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make me choose
magdakon asked: westeros or middle-earth

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Sometimes i am Bob, sometimes i am Linda.

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lmao im pretty sure i fucked up my foot.

before i even left for philadelphia (which was the end of may, mind you) i was re-organising the pantry and i needed to get the top shelf and there wasnt anything to stand on so i stood on the shelf and then i felt like it might give away so i hopped down

i landed wrong on my left foot

and just collapsed to the ground iT HURT A LOT

and i ended up limping around for days??  and it stopped but every now and again my foot will just burn with pain just casually, then go away, then come back again and go away again

it just did it a few minutes ago and its three months after it l o ooool.  gREAT.

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